Friday, October 17, 2008

It Can't Happen Here

How many times have you thought something couldn't happen in your town, your family, at your job. Well it can ~ and it did today in our town. Apparently a disgruntled gentleman decided to get his revenge of sorts with a suicide mission at a local law firm. This law firm is just across the street from an elementary school and my husband' office is on the opposite corner, and the local post office is just in front of the law firm. My husband went to his office just after the incident and thought there must have been a bad wreck and had to go around the block to get to his office ~ he soon realized it was not a wreck, and soon after, they evacuated his office building.

The gentlemen came to the firm with a bomb and tried to drive into the building. He could not drive into it and ended up out of his car and throwing the explosive into a window. One of the attorneys was badly burned and taken to a burn unit in Georgia. Two clients were injured and one is still in the local hospital. One of the assistants in the office was injured, treated and released.

It is a scary thing here in our little town and makes us realize that anything can happen anywhere. I will pray for the members of the law firm, their families, and especially for the family of the gentlemen that set the bomb and died. I am sure that they would appreciate any of your prayers lifted up for them, too. You can read about it here.

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