Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I am a sucker for book fairs/sales. A Scholastic Warehouse sale came to town for two days and our education division spent a few $'s and our lunchtime there today. I actually did VERY well. Left spending less than $50, which is a record for me. The ladies told us there was one about 45 minutes south with 5 times the inventory and we almost headed south, but restrained ourselves.
However, when I looked up the website to link above for all of my faithful 5 or so readers, I realized you can enter your zip code and find sales in your area. GUESS WHAT, there is a another warehouse sale about 15 minutes north in Tennessee ~ at my high school Alma mater. I feel a road trip coming on!!!

I will share my few purchases with you. Most of the time I go for kid's books ~ but if you could see the kid's books on my bookshelf, you'd know why I avoided them!!!
For the grandson's (especially the 13 year old who loves trivia, etc) I got How to Hold a Crocodile: Plus Hundreds of Other Practical Tips, Fascinating Facts and Wicked Wisdom. It's a Firefly Book and they do lots of cool stuff.
Joey Green's Fix-It Magic. He was featured on Good Morning America some time ago and is a hoot. Click on his name and it will take you to his website.
For a special little girl's birthday in June, I got a Klutz kit ~ Paper Fashions, Design Your Own Styles! I LOVE Klutz stuff. I am not sure if I like this more than she will. Maybe her mom will let me come play with her!!!!!

Also picked up two little Pocket Posh Puzzle Books from The Puzzle Society ~ Sudoku for my daughter-in-law and word roundup for hubby (his is not purple, it's dark burgundy).
Look for one in your area and share what you bought, too.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wakeup call

Wakeup calls come fast and furious the older you get! Last night I was looking in a magazine at a makeover article. The ones where they show the before and after pic! I've always enjoyed seeing those, but not last night. As I looked at some of the before pics, I realized that I kinda look "before"!!! YIKES

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Who can resist this???

She went for her 9 week shots yesterday and she weighs a whoppin' 3 lbs., 14 oz. Healthy except for a little hernia. Doc said it can be fixed when we "fix" her at about 6 months old.


I LOVE the Sisterchicks books written by Robin Jones Gunn, best selling author and speaker.

Each book features two sisterchicks (friends) who take off on an adventure or a dream vacation or destination. Book number 8 will be available in stores on May 5, 2009!!!! I highly recommend it, along with all the others.

SISTERCHICKS IN WOODEN SHOES ~ "Summer and Noelle, two pen pals since 4th grade, meet for the first time in the land of tulips and windmills. An abnormal mammogram sends Summer on a quest to fulfill her lifelong wish before she begins the same struggle her mother fought against breast cancer. The story of these two Sisterchicks is brimming with hope and cheer and will bring encouragement for any woman who has faced a fearful future."

Read about Robin Jones Gunn and the other Sisterchick novels at the following sites. There is also a great devotional ~ Take Flight!


sign up for her newsletter here:

Robin Jones Gunn modeling wooden shoes

My women's ministry group at church participated in a book review for the publisher, Multnomah Publishing Group, for the second sisterchick book, Sisterchicks Do The Hula. We received copies of the book, stickers, decals, feathers, bookmarks, participant questionnaires, and a lot more goodies.

Check it out ~ Happy Reading