Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Puppy!

Old people cannot make rational decisions and cannot be trusted when left alone!!!!!!!! Look what the Easter Bunny brought us!!!!!! I arrived home from a spring break trip about 11:45 last night and walked in the door to find this!!!!! It's another dachshund (we have a 10 year old one now). We'd discussed getting this, but just could not justify another expense ~ but how anyone resist here??? Hubs picked her up on Wed. of last week. She is adorable. The 10 year old does not like her but tolerates her ~ I think she thinks it's a rat!!!!! Our 10 year also looks just like the puppy's mother and we think the puppy wants to nurse!!!

Introducing Molly!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And another thing!!!!!

SWIMSUIT SHOPPING!!! This must be the most depressing event of the season. I don't have a pool, or belong to a country club, or go swimming all that much (even though I LOVE it). But I needed a new bathing suit to take to Florida.

If you read my previous post, you might understand that this is not good timing for trying on bathing suits. There are LOTS to choose from, all styles, prices, colors, etc. There are suits with little skirts to "hide" things! Well, on me it says, "Look, I got a big ole butt and cottage cheese thighs and I'm trying to cover it up". There are tankini's with skirts and tops and the skirts do the same as stated above! Then there are shorts and tops. The shorts are hip hugger, which causes a bad case of muffin top and the top is short and pops up over the muffin!!! I AM NOT KIDDING HERE!!! Then there are the ones that have the tag hanging on them that says ~ lose 10 lbs. instantly. GUESS WHAT ~ that ten lbs. that the spandex squeezes in has to go somewhere. Can you say large curd cottage cheese. hahahahahahahahahahaha

Aren't muu muus or caftans back in style?

And speaking of yesterday's post, look at the tissues I found today!!!!