Monday, October 20, 2008

6 Year Old Football

Can I just tell you inter web peeps how precious 6 year old football is? Our grandson plays and he is S.E.R.I.O.U.S. about it. Saturday morning was an early game and we've finally got a nip in the air here in North Georgia. The wind was a little much and we were all complaining ~ except for him!!!!

I will also admit that I am a little bias, but he is really good. Born athlete you might say. When you see the kids lined up in a row with their pads bigger than them and see their little stick legs, our grandson's are far from sticks. He is stocky and all muscle.

Like all the other kids on the 6 year old teams (and I'm sure most high school, college and pro teams) when they do something good, they immediately look for some affirmation from the sidelines. When he played last year at 5 years old, he looked for his mom and grandparents (his Daddy helps coach). We sent thumbs up, clapped, high fives if he came to the sidelines ~ it was great.

This year however, he has apparently put aside supportive family for the other bystanders and the CHEERLEADERS (also 6 years old)!!! When he made a touchdown on Sat. he walked along the sidelines and looked at everyone as they congratulated him, and as he walked past us and we did the thumbs-up, high five action ~ we got a slight nod of the head!! He is cool, suave and debonair these days.

He has played at least 423 games (okay, maybe I exaggerate a little) but he's played A LOT of games for a 6 year old. Tonight begins PLAYOFFS!!!! PLAYOFFS people ~ at 7:30 pm. BATH TIME, right. If they win tonight, they play again tomorrow night at 7:30! Then if they win that, it's the big time at a local high school stadium for an afternoon game on Saturday.

His older brother (who is also a good football player) played 7th grade football this year and they had 5 games! FIVE, that's all ~ AMAZING!!!

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