Tuesday, October 30, 2007


This weekend I attended a convention. I am an active member of the largest women's volunteer organization in the world. General Federation of Women's Clubs. www.gfwc.org

Each state has several districts, clubs, etc and my state, Georgia www.gafwc.org is part of the Southern Region along with Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, and Mississippi. Not only do I have great friends throughout the state, I also have friends all over the US!! The work our individual clubs and districts do is amazing.

The Internationl President spoke to our group and she is wonderful. Her special project is Domestic Violence Awareness. This really touches my heart and I plan on doing some training to help with some local shelters, etc. One of the biggest movements is bringing awareness to young girls in controlling dating situations and there is also a great movement with dads who teach their boys about respect, love and the way to treat women.

The statistics are frightening ~ it's not just something that happens to others, it's reached epidemic proportions ~ one in every three women. Shelters are full and overflowing ~ and that's just the one's that have the courage to leave. The stories of survivors, family members who've lost loved ones to domestic violence, and those working with these women, children and also men will tear at your heart ~ but will also make you angry.

I must admit, VERY THANKFULLY, that I have never had to experience this in any way. My husband is the most loving, caring man I know. These statistics also make him sick and he supports my passion to work with Women's clubs wholeheartedly and is proud of the fact I'm willing to give my time to these causes.

So check out the websites, join a club, join in the effort to make the world a better place. These women do thousand of things and their passions and goals are varied. Find yours!!!!!

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