Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spring Reading Thing Update!

Over at Callapidder Days bloggers are in the middle of the exciting Spring Reading Thing 2008. Over 300 book reviews have been posted and it's a blast to read all of them and find out about new books to read. I need to update my list a little as I've read some that were not on my original list along the way and have decided against reading a couple of them at this time. I was planning on reading Nineteen Days by Jodi Picoult and will eventually, just not now. Also, Having A Mary Heart in a Martha World might be a bible study this fall, so I am putting that on hold as well.

One of the books I've read is by one of my favorite authors, Diane Mott Davidson. There are 14 books featuring Goldy, a Colorado caterer and crime solver! The books are great and the featured food and recipes are wonderful!!! Sometimes the books are referred to as the Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery Series. Each one is stand alone, but you begin to get close to Goldy, her husband and her son. Not to mention her zany friends and neighbors. Her very first Goldy book, Dying for Chocolate, is the one I just finished. I've read several of the newer ones, but this one explained a lot about Goldy's life. I promise it's worth your time to check some of these out. You will want to read them all!!! Check out Diane's website by clicking on her name above.

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