Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A meme and a question!!!

Found this on Katrina's site, Callapidder Days, who found it on Elle's site who found it on Toddled Dredge!!!! You get the picture. There are some more links at Callapidder Days to see what creeps people out. Would love to know yours. Either leave a comment, or list them on your site and leave a link in to it!

Six things that Creep me Out!!!

1. Well, after looking at them ~ BIKINI JEANS ~ OH MY!!

2. Belly buttons ~ touching mine, having mine touched. Just typing this gives me the heebie-jeebies

3. Men with long fingernails/toenails (I noticed Elle agrees)

4. Flying bugs and crickets. Grew up in Dallas, TX where we had beetles that I called "junebugs" ~ I hated them. Had long hair and they would fly up under it on my neck. My brother used to torture me with them as well, so that probably has a LOT to do with it. Crickets because you can't catch them to get them out ~ jumpin' everywhere!!

5. Slimy things ~ especially the slimey buildup on the shower curtain liner. I probably clean or throw way more shower curtain liners than most!

6. Men in speedos!

I'm sure many more things creep me out ~ but there are a few ~ consider yourself officially tagged!!!

I also have a question ~ got this beautiful plant from a co-worker
today as a gift a and neither of us know that it is ~ she just liked it.
Does anyone out there know what it is????? click on pic for large view


Katrina said...

Sorry I can't help about the plant -- I am clueless about all forms of greenery.

But I will admit that I'm far more likely to buy a new shower curtain liner than to deal with anything slimy that shows up on one. :)

Veronica Mitchell said...

Yes, I have more than once bought a new shower curtain instead of trying to scrub that stuff off.

Men in speedos are just not right.

Jenn said...

Long fingernails on guys and long toenails on women creep me out. Yuck.

Mushrooms creep me out because of their texture.

Men in speedos make me laugh though!!!

That slimy film that gets on garbage bags. Creeps me out thinking about it.

And I'm at a loss on the plant... any luck?