Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Just Blabbering!

I've not posted for a week and I am sure the millions of readers out there have missed me. I work at a college and this week is the beginning of Spring semester, so it's been WILD and CRAZY let me tell ya! I've always laughed at the fact that they call the semester that begins in January, "SPRING" semester. I mean Fall semester begins in September. Oh well, must have been out the day they wanted my opinion.

My bible study begins Beth Moore's study on Psalms tomorrow night and I am excited to get back in the groove of bible study and fellowship with the girls. I've talked to several people that are already doing the study and they seem to like it so far. Would love to hear any comments that any of you may have.

I'm also headed out of town on Friday to visit my sister in Ohio. It's supposed to snow most of the time I am there (10 whole days!!!!), and that excites me. We don't get much snow in Georgia these days. We don't even get water!!!!!! I have lots of family there and it's been a long time since I've had the chance to just go and visit without being on time restraints or going for a special occasion.

I am flying on a new airline that is CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP ~ I think we all have to pedal to make it fly!!!! I will share the experience after the trip.

I mentioned before that I don't make New Year's resolutions. Of course, like lots of people, I need to lose weight. In fact, my family in Ohio will be a little surprised at how much more of me they will see this time. But alas, I've found all kinds of excuses so far.

First, there are all kinds of candies and cookies at the office that everyone brought in from being home for the holidays. Then, of course, who goes on a diet when they are getting ready to go out of town for 10 days. In Feb. I have two meetings on weekends with banquets, so February is taken care of, too. I am sure that I will come up with something for March before then!!! I'm creative that way!

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Patriot said...

First time by your page, and I wanted to say hi! Let us know about the cheap airline . . I'm curious. Thanks!