Saturday, January 26, 2008

Blabbering again!

My 10 day trip to Ohio was great. I did very little and that was my plan! My sister and I stayed up late, slept late, and some days stayed in PJ's most of the day. I did bathe and eat ~ but only when absolutely necessary (bathing that is, eating was done constantly)!!!!!

Visited my nieces and their families and the kids CANNOT be that old because that would make me ~WHOA~ just way too old. My cousin and his wife had their first grandchild 10 months ago and he is precious. They just found out that No. 2 is on the way as well. So the trip was wonderful and restful.

As for the Skybus flight, that was great and best of all CHEAP! It was about 30 minutes late leaving ~ but I surely did not complain because the sweet people on another airline had been at the airport since 12pm for their 2pm flight that had not left at 7pm when I boarded. They had mechanical problems and were waiting for another plane. The airport brought in pizzas for them. Coming home was good too, only 1 hour delay and that was weather related because my plane was coming from Kansas City.

As for the post about getting "hit on", several people asked me who hit on me. I quickly told them that I did not look because I did not want to see that my ego building flirter was an 80 year old toothless guy or something!!!!

It's good to be home now ~ with my hubby and doggie that missed me. And best of all was when the grandsons loved on their Nana, admitted they really missed me and spent the night with us my first night home! Precious!

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