Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It must be older cars. . . .

I have a friend that drives an older Buick and we call her the "Buick Babe" because she seems to get lots of waves and honks and blown kisses, etc. as she tools around in it.

I am visiting family in Ohio and am driving a family member's old white Oldsmobile Cutlass. I LOVE having my own wheels because no one has to worry about carting me around and as sister went to the doctor with her hubby, I went shopping!!!!!

I GOT HIT ON THREE TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing. You have to understand, I am a GRANDMOTHER! A young one I must admit, but I GOT HIT ON THREE TIMES!!!! Did you get that ~ THREE TIMES!!!!!!!!!

So. . . it must be an older car thing. So, for only ego's sake, as soon as I get back home, the 2007 Honda is getting traded in at the local used car lot for a four door 90 something sedan!

DISCLAIMER: I am happily married and don't want to be hit on, and would never react or answer or wave back, etc. but it was fun I tell you ~ great for this Nana's ego.

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