Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Turkey Day

Hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving Day. We had a very non-traditional one, but that was great with me and hubby. Because of every ones schedules being so crazy on Thanksgiving, and all the in laws and outlaws that have to be visited, we decided a few years ago to have our family Thanksgiving on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. This allows for not so stuffed tummies from having to eat at two or three places!!!! This year was no different, so we already had our big meal last Saturday.

If you read one of the previous posts, Death of a Saint, our week was a little more eventful than most. We were up VERY early on Wednesday to travel down to S. Georgia, and came home wiped out.

Hubby and I both slept in and spent the day just vegging on the couch, watching TV, and napping. We did make Mac & Cheese (see previous post) and had some chicken. We actually thought about only eating the Mac & Cheese ~ with forks ~ right out of the casserole dish sitting on the couch!!!!!!!!!!! However, we did manage to make it to the table with plates and everything.

So except for being a little sad about this week ~ I will say I feel very blessed to have had such a restful, enjoyable, do absolutely nothing day!!!!! I hope to continue much of the same tomorrow!

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