Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I failed to share one of the exciting events on Monday night's trip to Atlanta. After our great time with Jan Karon, we decided to continue our literary journey by eating at a popular Atlanta restaurant that is named after a restaurant mentioned in the book To Kill a Mockingbird.

We were on a roll, got out of the Carter Center in record time and there was no waiting at the restaurant. We were seated and had our sweet tea (which has at least three syllables around these parts and is required drinking).

I looked across the restaurant and saw a bug scurrying up the wall. I kept my mouth shut because I did not want to ruin every one's evening, realizing that this is something that can happen and it is not a norm at this particular restaurant. A little later I saw something else on the floor just beside my foot. OH MY!!!! I DID mention this one and all of us just took deep breaths and put our feet up a little.

Just after, part of the food was delivered. We said our prayer and the first three that were served took their first bites. As the second round of plates was set on the table a bug scurried across the tabletop. Have I mentioned that the "bug" was a big, black roach about the size of my pinky???????

THAT WAS IT. Amazingly, a table of 6 women were unbelievably calm , not even any shrieking. The waitress saw it as well and threw a napkin over it and grabbed it. She was mortified to say the least and began apologizing. She offered to move us, remake our food and of course, let us eat for free. As she left to get a manager we decided just to leave ~ thank you very much!!!!!!!

The manager came out and was NOT very nice. He said, "Hey ladies, we will move you and replate your food, okay?" I DON'T THINK SO, SIR!!!!!! Actually I very politely thanked him and said we were just going to go. He shrugged his shoulders, turned and walked away. EXCUSE ME!!!!!!

The waitress seemed embarrassed and I told her how much we appreciated her. To offer a little levity to this disaster I told the waitress that since they were known for their huge desserts, she should just dip it in chocolate and call it The Special of the night!!!!! She did laugh and seemed to appreciate our humor in the whole situation.

Now, to make myself and the others feel better, I've spent the last 2 days trying to convince myself that there was only one bug and I saw him/her three times. You agree, don't you?????


workinthatpreppy said...

love it! congrats on joining the blogging world! started Rhett Butler's People tonight!

Anonymous said...

Christopher Morley (1890-1957)

SCUTTLE, scuttle, little roach—
How you run when I approach:
Up above the pantry shelf,
Hastening to secrete yourself.

Most adventurous of vermin,
How I wish I could determine
How you spend your hours of ease,
Perhaps reclining on the cheese.

Cook has gone, and all is dark—
Then the kitchen is your park:
In the garbage heap that she leaves
Do you browse among the tea leaves?

How delightful to suspect
All the places you have trekked:
Does your long antenna whisk its
Gentle tip across the biscuits?

Do you linger, little soul,
Drowsing in our sugar bowl?
Or, abandonment most utter,
Shake a shimmy on the butter?

Do you chant your simple tunes
Swimming in the baby's prunes?
Then, when dawn comes, do you slink
Homeward to the kitchen sink?

Timid roach, why be so shy?
We are brothers, thou and I.
In the midnight, like yourself,
I explore the pantry shelf!

Jenn said...

eeww.... that's all I got. Eewwwww gross.