Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blogger Bliss!!!

I just want to thank my friend Jenn for encouraging me to begin a blog. It is a BLAST reading all the blogs. They are entertaining, educational, inspirational and just plain fun!!!!!!!

I especially enjoy Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. I can live vicariously through Ree my "growing up in Texas" little girl dreams.

Although I must admit, I did not plan on going straight to the ranch. My first aspiration was to go to SMU and get edumacated real good! Then, you know, because I have the body for it ~ hahahahahahahahaha~ I would become one of the BEST Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders ever, and probably win the Miss America pageant sometime in there, too!

Then I would be carried off into the sunset by my intelligent, rich, loving cowboy and live on something akin to Southfork!!!!!!

Of course reality set in and I am happy as a clam here in Georgia with my wonderful, non-cowboy hubby (although I would not say that I was too happy about the move from Texas to this part of the country in my teens). I mean, what were my parents thinking?????? Was Dad's job more important than SMU and Dallas Cowboy cheerleading????

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Jenn said...

I think you've definitely got some cheerleader spirit in ya'!