Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Great Strides for Nathan

My friend Jenn lost a great friend just a few weeks ago to Cystic Fybrosis. He lived longer than most with this horrible disease. From what Jenn shared about Nathan, I believe God had a lot for him to do on this earth ~ and that he did. I did not know Nathan, but feel like I did through Jenn.

One description of Nathan from her, "He was a best friend, a landlord, a GuitarHero buddy, an outdoorsman, and an occasional PDR. His door was always open... even as he was administering his meds. He was objective advice, good jokes, words of truth, and a ray of God's love in all of our lives. He was a groomsman, friend from high school, a fraternity brother, a co-worker, and the consummate event organizer (trust me when I say I have BIG shoes to fill!)." From all the comments about Nathan, it seems he did more in his lifetime, even in his worst days, than most of us much older.

I've added a button on my blog that will take you right to the site for the Team Nathan 5K run to raise money and eradicate this horrible disease! Click and join in the race by running, walking, or pledging. Won't you join us?

You can read Jenn's message about this at http://www.delightfullycliche.com/2009/01/nathan-cf-great-strides.html


Jenn said...

Love it! Big hug from me!!!!

Bitsy said...

WOW ~ that was quick!!! I just got it up there. The button on your blog only takes you to the Great Strides page. If I did not know your name, I would not know how to find it. I changed the link on mine to go directly to your page. Made a donation, but it does not show yet. love ya