Saturday, December 22, 2007

Peaceful Evening

Today was a busy day as most Saturdays before Christmas. My hubby cooked cakes and I had some errands to run. Our two grandsons are spending the night tonight and after giggles, gas, more giggles, more gas (did I say grandSONS?) he's touching me's, and more giggles, they are finally safe asleep. The problem with their giggle fests is that I can't say much because I'm sitting in the next room trying not to bust a gut laughing myself!!!! They are a hoot!!!

So now everyone is in bed and I am sitting in my den with the Christmas tree lit, it's quiet and I'm making snowflakes as peaceful as you please. Then a very deep thought came across this brilliant mind. . .

Is there actually a limit to how many people can be in Walmart at one time???? I'm just saying.

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