Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Easy Cookies

My bible study is doing a cookie swap tomorrow night. I LOVE cookie swaps ~ actually I LOVE cookies!!!!! Since I was the "brilliant" one that planned this, I felt like I should make more than the 6 dozen I originally told everyone to bring! So 12 dozen cookies later, my kitchen looked like something that should be on a HGTV makeover show!

You see, I have a reputation of using EVERYTHING in the kitchen when I cook. Also, anytime I use flour or powdered sugar, well, watch out!!!!!!!!!!!! The cookies I made are super simple and really good. However, there is powdered sugar involved ~ and a lot of it when making 12 dozen cookies!

After cooling and counting, I placed the cookies on a platter all purty like and readied them for the swap. Then turned around to clean up. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention I was messy with powdered sugar?

There was powdered sugar fingerprints on the oven door, oven glass, and the timer and temp. button. Every countertop space had powdered sugar on it, the stove top, the sink, the floor, me, and the dog's back (because she stands at my feet the whole time). It was a hoot! I would share pictures, but I would be ashamed!!!!

So, for your powdered sugar pleasure, here is the recipe. Really, the four ingredients listed are all that goes in them ~ and it works amazingly. I did ask my hubby (who cooks) who in the world would ever think to put these 4 things together and make a cookie. Boggles the mind!!!

Easy Cookies
1 box cake mix, any flavor (lemon, strawberry, chocolate, etc)
1 egg
1 8-oz. thawed whipped topping
powdered sugar

Mix the cake mix with 1 egg. Fold in whipped topping (this does take some time and elbow grease because it becomes a sticky substance). Spoon or scoop mix into balls and roll in powdered sugar. Place on cookie sheet (I use parchment paper and cookies never stick and it's easy clean up). Bake at 325 degress for 10-14 minutes. 1 box will make approximately 4 dozen cookies. That's it, now eat 'em!

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