Monday, June 14, 2010

Fun Pic Game

This is a fun game!  Go into your "My Pictures" or "Pictures" file.  Go to the 8th folder and choose the 8th photo…post it. . . then tell the story.

This is a picture I scanned recently to send to the girl on the right in the pic!  It is a picture of my brother, me and my parent's best friend's daughter, Sandy.  Bobby and Sandy are the same age and I think I was about 12-18 months in this picture, they were like family and still are.  We moved away from Dallas in 1971 when I was only 12 years old and I miss them terribly to this day.  I just got to see Sandy in Dallas in March because her mom passed away.  Still like family!  What a great 8th folder, 8th picture to find!

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Mimi said...

What a great picture. My computer got wiped out so I probably won't play along.