Wednesday, July 8, 2009

THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!!!! Although it is funny, except for the squirrel. Went to lunch today with friends. As we were getting in my friend's car at the college, someone saw this in the grill of her Lexus:

Poor guy apparently crawled into the wheel well and tried to come out the grill. We went on to the restaurant and happened to park right in front of the door. According to the hostess, the car was the entertainment for everyone coming and going. People (especially the men) were bending down and taking pics. Thankfully cameras do not have a smell feature. After an hour in the hot sun. . . WHEW.

When we returned to the college, people were coming from all the buildings to see it. Even the President and Vice President. It obviously does not take much to entertain us these lazy days of summer in the south.

She called the Lexus dealer because the grill was cracked. They did not believe her. Needless to say, she headed straight to the dealership to show them. Can't wait to find out what they said!

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