Thursday, July 30, 2009


I ate lunch with a great friend today and was told that I needed to "step it up a bit" with the blogging, and put up more posts. I explained that apparently my life was so exciting and busy that I did not have time, or that it was boring! So I will try to be better!!!

I do have exciting news ~ I became a Great-Great Aunt this week. My sister is older than I am and had her 2 girls soon after marrying at 18 and I was an aunt at 3 years old. My 2 nieces had three children each. The oldest great niece married a couple of years ago and had a beautiful, bouncing baby boy this week.

The only sad part is that they live about 8 hours away ~ so it will be a while till I get to hold him. Thank goodness for technology, I have lots of pictures.

So Jennifer, thanks for the push, and I promise to post something equally exciting again soon!!! Like, tomorrow is my hubby's birthday!!!!

love ya'll

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