Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Family Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a man and a woman who decided their kingdom needed a new queen. They looked far and wide until they found the perfect one. They crowned her Miss Delilah Grace, calling her Missy.

The queen led a wonderful life. Pampered by the man and woman, she ruled her castle with a stubborn, yet loving demeanor. The years passed quickly and the queen accepted and began to love the man and woman’s grandsons and friends, as they spoiled her as well.
As the queen began to get a little older and gray around the temples, the man and woman pampered her even more and made sure she was always comfortable. The queens eyes were not the same and she slowed her pace a little, but she still had spunk and brought the man and woman lots of joy.

Around the 11th year of the queen’s reign the man, who must have begun drinking too much of the moat water, suggested to the woman that they present the queen with a princess. After examination of the man’s sanity, and seeing the chosen princess’s face, she agreed. They crowned the princess Good Golly Miss Molly, and called her Molly. The princess looked much like the queen as a child.
The queen, realizing her old and senile people must have lost their minds, felt sorry for them and accepted the new princess, albeit from a distance. The princess loved her queen and wanted to be close to her and love on her all the time. The queen, not being quite as affectionate, “talks” to the princess in a low, deep, growly type of sound. The queen’s people work hard to keep peace in the castle.
About 6 weeks passed and the queen and princess formed a shaky, yet tolerant relationship. The queen just did not understand her younger generation.

The man and woman, seriously examining their decision making abilities, pray that they will all live happily ever after. They ask for your prayers as well (cause they’re really gonna need ‘em)!
The End

A peaceful time in the castle when the man and woman rest!

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