Saturday, March 14, 2009


We have Direct TV and 5 gazillion channels and they all stink! That's not Direct TV's fault of course, just TV in general. So this evening, believe it or not, hubby and I have watched a marathon of (I REALLY hate to admit this) Bridezilla! Yes, that's right ~ YIKES!!!! Most of the time with our mouths hanging open and we are laughing!!!!

THEN ~ Not to be topped, a show came on in the middle of the the marathon. Surprise Wedding! Talk about sitting with our mouths hanging open! Five women tell their boyfriends that they've won a free trip to Vegas for a supposed makeover. They actually spend the week shopping for rings and wedding dresses. Their boyfriends get to join them at the end of the week to see the "makeover". As you can figure out by the title of the show, they men come out to find their girlfriends in wedding gowns. SURPRISE ~ It's your wedding!!!! The guys get to go off stage and think about their decision. They even get a 30 second lifeline telephone call (the show was produced by the people who did Who Wants to be a Millionaire?).

All the men came out and agreed to the marriage! Can you imagine if they didn't? It would be the Bachelor Debacle all over again ~ right on National TV!!!! And walla, a Chaplain appears and marries them instantly. AMAZING is all I can say.

But really, I can't say a lot. We sat here and watched the entire two hours, watched 5 couples get married without a long engagement or stressful wedding preparations, and it was all free!!! Two couples even won a honeymoon to Hawaii. So who are the stupid ones?????

Oh but don't worry ~ romance isn't dead in our house. Hubby and I are coming up on our 23rd anniversary. Hubby just suggested that on our 25th wedding anniversary, we renew our vowels.

A E I O U ya'll!!!


Jenn said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Y'all are hilarious.

Kristina said...

Very funny - I'll have to tell Curtis that. I can't believe that they have a show called surprise wedding! How many of those last? And they have to be good quality b/c they start off on the right foot!