Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Odds and Ends

I have to give credit to friends blogs, e-mails, and word of mouth for these tidbits, but they are worth your time!!!

(From Butterbean) This might be the SWEETEST stories I've read lately.

(From Butterbean) The Archway Bakery in Ashland, OH closed this fall and 300 workers lost their jobs. Lance (cracker co) bought Archway. They immediately gave 60 people their jobs back, seniority & benefits...and hope to give the rest theirs as well. In addition, the company gave all 300 employees $1500 gift cards! I wrote them an email and said that although we haven't bought Lance before, we will now b/c of their actions. What a cool way to share the Christmas spirit!!!

Hubby saw a story about this church and we found this site about it. BEAUTIFUL!

My grandsons introduced this YouTube video today and we've laughed over and over!

From my friend Jenn at Delightfully Cliche. She introduced me to this group ~ Straight No Chaser. It's an a cappella group and they are GREAT. Check them out at I downloaded their new Christmas CD, Holiday Spirits, and have listened to it quite a bit.

Last but not least from my sister ~

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workinthatpreppy said...

your blog looks creative. i buy lance crackers all the time. the orange ones with peanut butter. my favorite. blessings for a happy new year!