Saturday, December 20, 2008

And the stockings were hung . . . .

I finished the stockings last night and am actually pleased, I hope the kids and grandkids like them!

Now I'll being wrapping packages and get some more Christmas spirit going! Our poor doggie got sick last night (all over the house actually, and I won't share the details since I love ya'll). Apparently dogs decide they need to "hide" the results of their sickness and she'd rubbed her nose on the carpet (and in other things) so much that the top of her nose was red raw. Suffice it to say, hubby would rather have taken the dog to the vet than stay and clean up. She is now in the doggie hospital with an IV and will have to stay until at least Monday. Yippee, a vet bill ~ Merry Christmas to us!!!!!!

Happy Ho-Ho to Ya'll

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