Friday, July 11, 2008

No Birds ~ but we got a Punkin!!!!!

Sad news, the baby birds did hatch ~ but from the looks of things, a predator got to them. There are only 2 babies left out of 5 and they did not make it. Then there are a bunch of adult bird feathers on our porch. So we've decided that either a cat or a larger bird got into it.

But we have a pumpkin growing on the vine!!!! We fertilized the vine and thankfully have had lots of rain here. Hubby was able to get the vine to go behind a holly bush, hopefully keeping it from growing out in to the yard too much. Needless to say, G.G. and our grandson are elated that we have a pumpkin on the vine, and it's only July!!!

I am sad about the birds, but the half dead fern is horrid looking hanging on my porch and it STINKS!!!!! Birds are NOT clean.

Have a great weekend!!!

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