Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Life!

I have an ugly dying fern hanging on my porch because of this ~

I work very hard every year to keep the birds out of my ferns because once they build a nest, the fern ends up being a mess and dies. And before you attack me about not loving nature, our house is surrounded by trees and woods, so there are plenty of places for birds to start their little families.

However, I would never destroy one that got past me and built a nest. I love watching the progression. I never touch it of course and get on a step stool to look at the nest. I leave it hanging so the neighbor's cat won't get it!

By the way, if you want an easy way, foolproof way to keep birds out of your plants, especially ferns ~ here's my handy-dandy sure fire way. Put hair in the fern. Except for this year obviously, I go to my hairdressers and get a little sack of hair, then put it down in the ferns. Works every time!!!

I will post a pic of the babies once they are born!

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