Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mid Week Fun

Hope everyone (my large reading population you know) is having a good week. We've had a hectic one. This was the first conversation of my day, and it helped to begin it well since I was running about 20 minutes behind!!

My friend called and said, "Hey, Oprah's show yesterday pointed out that we needed to call our extraordinary friends."

I said, "Oh thanks, that's sweet."

"Oh no, she said, I was calling to get Jenn's number."

I called her a poopy head!!!

My 22nd wedding anniversary is today and both my husband and I forgot until about 10:15 this morning when he called and wished me happy anniversary. I immediately felt bad because I had not remembered (even though it is plainly on my desk calendar that I look at 100 times a day). "Not to worry", he said, "we've talked three times this morning and I forgot, too." We both had a good laugh ~ guess that's why we've been happily married 22 years, huh????

So here's a shout out to all my extraordinary friends, you know who you are!!!! I love you bunches
And honey, Happy Anniversary ~ I love you, too!!!!


Butterbean said...

I'll bet your friend said "just kidding" after that and said she was thankful for you. Yes, I am sure she did.

Bitsy said...

Yes, I believe she did!!!!!

Jenn said...

You two make be all thankful and mushy, but to-date... Jenn hasn't gotten a phone call.

And I don't want to hear some lame-o excuse about her fake phones either.

workinthatpreppy said...

happy anniversary you on my mi..ind! i will make you a towel...