Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pinterest Challenge!!

I always love a challenge and don't know that I will get all of this correct, but here goes ~ 
There's a party going on, hosted by Young House LoveBower Power, Ana White and House of Earnest.  Challenging us to actually complete something we've fallen for on Pnterest.  I found a WONDERFUL tulle wreath on My 3 Monsters blog that she found on Something to Do.   I absolutely LOVE the SHARING!

So I decided to do my own version and here it is!  Mine is for Halloween, but it has such possibilites.  Red and White for Christmas, School colors.  I can also picture a sweet light pink or blue with baby items for a nursery.

I used a roll of black tulle and a wire wreath form.  Cut my 6 inch wide tulle into approximately 6 to 8 inch lengths and started tying!
View from the back, I tyed tulle on the first two wires, then the second and third, then the third and fourth.  Repeating that pattern all the way around. 

You can make it as tight as you want.  The solid black is hard to see in a picture.  I did try mixing some silver tulle in, but it looked too white.

Add a ribbon, flower, picture, be creative and have fun! 

Sorry the pictures aren't better, but maybe you can get the idea!

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