Thursday, February 5, 2009


As you read on the previous post ~ we had a guest (uninvited by the way) the last couple of days. I called for cats to help with the situation because our dog seems to be too old or snoring too loud to help! Turns out old and snoring wasn't the only problem ~ she had been acting a little unusual and we found out she had a tapeworm or tapeworms or whatever ~ I did not need to know more than that. Can you say YUCK!!!!!!!

We do have another guest (invited) that stays some nights during the week because she lives about 45 minutes to an hour from work and stays in town from time to time with us. Last night, she came in from working out at the local gym to pick up some clothes she'd left at the house and then head to her house. We urged her to stay because she was so tired and it was freezing! She would not stay, had to wash clothes, etc.

A few minutes after she left, as I was reading a magazine, I looked hubby and said, "You know, I can't blame Jenn for not wanting to stay. Within two minutes of her walking in the door, we shared with her that we had a mouse in the house and the dog had worms, I really did not want to stay here either"!

I am happy to report that the little critter has been captured and the dog has been to the vet and is fine now. So I feel much better about the house now. However, hubby did add at the end of our conversation this morning after discovering the catch, that he would set another one, just in case the little critter had family members. WHAT?????

Anybody need some company, I'm on the way! Can I bring Jenn?

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