Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Calling all cats!

We are not a cat family, but apparently we need one. The dog is old it seems and does not protect like she used to in the way of chasing things away. Tuesday morning about 2am I heard (over the soft sound of my CPAP machine) something rootin' round (that's Southern for looking through to find. . . ) in the little box that sits on hubs shelf beside the bed. I listened a minute, and heard nothing more, so I assumed hubs found what he needed.

Just a few moments later I heard something moving across his shoes at the end of the bed. I immediately thought it was the dog, she gets up at night and walks around. I quickly realized that the dog was sleeping soundly on the floor just beside my bed, and snoring. I woke hubs and he looked around (just to appease me). He saw nothing and decided that my CPAP must be making some sort of noise.

This morning he shared that the noise from my machine had begun rootin' again!!!! Precious huh, some sweet little critters came to visit, felt our home was warm and inviting. Again, the dog slept right through it.

So now there are a few traps set throughout the house. I DO HOPE that hubs realizes that if I hear one of the traps trip, especially if I'm lying in my bed, I might just run outside ~ cold or not! Look for me on your doorstep sometime later tonight!!!!!!

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Kristina said...

If my parents dog Caesar was still here I would send him over b/c he took care of one for us a few months back! Allie sniffed it out but didn't do anything about it.