Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's Here!!!!

Has the Christmas season snuck up on you ~ or is it just me??? Didn't we just take all the decorations down and put them away? OH, and that Christmas fund . . . . where did that go? Needless to say, all my best laid plans of having the holiday season under control this year have gone terribly awry.

Did anyone brave shopping yesterday? I went late in the afternoon with a friend and her dear mom that was here from out of town ~ not to shop really, but to spend time with them! Her mom was looking for a jacket for her grandson and it was at Kohls. We walked in and the line was wrapped all the way around the store!!! About a 45 minute wait. No biggie, we weren't in a hurry and so we took turns standing in the line while the other two shopped. Ran in to a good friend who had an appointment and we offered to get her stuff, too (talk about owing us one!!!)

When standing in a line that long, at least in my neck of the woods, you become buddies with those around you who are also the only other poor, pitiful souls on the planet that are dumb enough to sacrificing their valuable time standing in a line to buy gifts for our loved ones.

The early bird specials ended at 1pm, but since the line was so long they extended it to 3pm. At exactly 3pm we were 2nd in line to the register. One of the managers got on the store speaker system to announce that very thing. The sweet, friendly, soft spoken women in front of us with her daughter apparently found that announcement to be disturbing. With hands on hips she marched up to the manager that made the announcement and told him, under no uncertain terms, and not so soft spoken, that she would be getting the early bird prices. I thought the next announcement might be "clean up on aisle nine, we've just had a good ole fashioned throw down". After a "conversation" between the two, the score was customer 1, manager 0!

Thankfully, the jacket and other things we'd gathered were not early bird pricing, so we were safe ~ unlike the gentleman behind us with the early bird priced vacuum. I have a feeling there was another "conversation".

And people say we are forgetting the reason for celebrating Christmas, getting too commercialized, I just don't know where they get that, do you?

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