Monday, September 5, 2011


Pinterest and blogs may be the best and worst thing I've ever discovered!!!  Got up on this Labor Day and decided to labor little bit.  I have a big event at church on Sat. and we leave for the beach on Sunday.  I have lots to do.  Not to mention my house is a wreck!!!  

So I decide to sit down with my coffee and check e-mail first.  BIG MISTAKE :)  There it is, the This week on Pinterest e-mail.  Here I sit on the computer almost 3 hours later and the dogs aren't even fed.  

Just found that earning your Ph.D. was not as difficult as some may think.  I do VERY WELL with Projects Half Done!   Have a great "labor" day :)  


Mimi said...

Yours is the second or third blog this weekend where I have heard about Pinterest. I'm afraid to go & see whatever it is!


Bitsy said...

Mimi ~ you will be hooked!!!