Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A post with no title

I have the crud now ~ just before Christmas no less.  A touch of bronchitis and sinus infection, fever.  Got a shot, antibiotics, nasal steroid, and was told to begin using a Neti Pot.  I'd heard of it and have used saline in my nose, but this thing is a trip!  Works, but it's weird!!!!  Check it out. 

I've also lost my voice ~ hubby thought about posting something on Facebook about a peaceful "silent night" ~ but to his credit, rethought that!!

Here's to the crazy few days before Christmas, long lines, traffic, counting packages to make sure everyone gets the same number, last minute stocking stuffers, fretting about the gift that did not arrive in time, that string of lights that went out on the tree, cooking, polishing silver (does anyone do that anymore), deep cleaning the house so everyone can walk through the door and mess it up in less than 3.2 minutes, making sure the cookies are ready for Santa, and the famous last words ~ I planned on getting this done earlier this year! 

It's all worth it as long as we remember why we celebrate this season.  It is the birthday of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  No other gift matters.

Joy in the midst of it all,


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