Friday, September 19, 2008

One of my passions

As an active member of the Georgia Federation of Women's Clubs and serving in both district and state positions, I am mostly proud of the fact that we own and operate a private college prep boarding school called Tallulah Falls School. Mary Ann Lipscomb, a Georgia clubwoman, started the school in 1909 to provide an education for the children in the mountains. The school became known as The Light in the Mountains.

There are boarding students and day students at the school. We also have several international students as part of the student body. The reputation, location, and teacher/student ratio of TFS is most appealing. Check us out!!!

We are in the midst of celebrating the schools 100th year!!! As a board member of the school I am privledged to be an integral part of the celebration events scheduled throughout the year.

One of the events was this week. We had a board meeting and several committee meetings. Dinner with students and lots of fun.

The most exciting part was the ribbon cutting ceremony for our new Lodge ~ The Lodge at Tallulah Falls. The lodge is BEAUTIFUL!!!! It is a great place for a family gathering, a small wedding, a church retreat. Check out the lodge and go spend a weekend in the beautiful mountains of Northeast Georgia.

Lobby at the Lodge

King Room

Ribbon Cutting

My fellow clubwoman and traveling buddies had a great time stopping at some of the beautiful shops between TFS and home. One I have to tell you about was a hoot! It was called Goats on the Roof ~ cause there are goats on the roof. It has a country school, crafts and lots of fun ways to feed the goats.

Waiting for chow!!!

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