Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random Prattle

Did anyone see the interview of Cris Collinsworth with Bob Costas last night (Wednesday)? Collinsworth was sharing with Costas about his interview with Jason Lezak. Lezak was the last swimmer of the four man US team that won the Men's 400 meter relay photo finish rave. First, Cris asked Lezak if his inspiration came from the desire to help Michael Phelps achieve his gold medal goals. With finesse and grace, Lezak answered that he did not do it for Phelps, but for the team. Come on Collinsworth, give Lezak his due!

THEN, Collinsworth stated to Costas that he "swum" his best that night. Now please don't get me wrong here ~ I am by NO MEANS an expert, and swum is in the dictionary, but not always an accepted past tense for swim. Usually swam is used.

When I asked hubby and our friend who was staying with us tonight if swum was the correct word to use, here is the answer I received. "Sure swum is a word, you know, you better run fast cause here come a swum of bees," hubby said (you have to say that line with an accent like Jeff Foxworthy or someone to make it as funny as it seemed at 11:00 pm tonight).

The friend staying with us shared on her blog about how tired we were/are and how it contributed to her big faux pas in her presentation today at work ~ ". . . on the opposite ends of the speculum". Obviously meaning spectrum!!!!! Reminded us the other night that I told her I was going to talk to my doctor about a hysterectory! Could that be the name of the textbook for a hysterectomy????

We are also tired because I FINALLY painted the first coat of paint on our kitchen walls tonight and she stayed to help!!! I cannot thank her enough!!! It looks great and I will post some before and after pics in a few days. Still needs a second coat and then I gotta clean up the mess.

I warned you in the title this post was prattle ~ but all these things were hilarious to us in our current state of busy days at work, coming home to a DIY (which no longer means do it yourself, but Dumb Idiot You) project, and staying up late AGAIN!!!!!!

Goodnight peeps ~ tomorrow at work could be interesting!


workinthatpreppy said...

hey elizabeth...what cha reading these days. ? just read "the shack"...liked it at the beginning but then got a little sacreligious for me. i haven't read any reviews...but, thought it somewhat weird. i want to read "echo in the darkness" and find out more about haddasseh...

Bitsy said...

NOTHING GOOD!!!! I've been so busy with school starting that I've not read much. I bought The Shack, but have not started it yet. Three or four people recommened it on the list we are doing. So it sounds like that will be one we'll read. Good to have you back on the blogsphere!!