Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dish it Up!

WOW ~ Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer just posted a "Spur of-the- Moment Dish Carnival! How fun, I LOVE dishes. However, the amount of dishes I have in my little house is almost embarrassing! So here we go ~ It'll be a LONG post!!!

My everyday, grab & go: A white Martha Stewart from K-Mart and an on sale set of 12 lime green plastic squares from Walmart. I shop at the classier places, let me tell you! Along with that, my husband's favorite, Dixie! Then I also have Mikasa Italian Countryside and a Mikasa dessert plate that I use.

Then we have the family stuff! Which I ABSOLUTELY love!
My mom's Noritake Patrician that I use on very special occasions because it is WAY too expensive to replace.

Then my Nanny's (mom's mother)china that is very ornate. Just got it from my cousin last year.

I also have my mom's Desert Rose and a hand painted pitcher and 6 glasses.

The desert plates ~ one is a 6 piece hand painted set that my Godmother gave me several years ago. The other came from an Aunt and I used it for my daughter-in-laws bridesmaid luncheon! I have the teapot and accessories and about 25 of the plates!!!

And not to mention ~ the Christmas China.

See ~ WAAAYYYYY too much. Hope my grandson's marry girls that like dishes!!!!! I made the pics small, but you can double click on them to see better. I'm not sure, but I think I like white/cream dishes, huh. And also, I will not tell you how long this not so savvy blogger post took me!!!

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