Saturday, February 9, 2008

Uganda w/Compassion Intl. Team

People ask me why I have a blog and how I have time to read through them and why in the world I would want to, etc., etc. Well, one of the perks of blogging is finding out about people and things like this~~~~

There are a few blogs I read everyday. Two of the ladies I read everyday were invited to go to Uganda with Compassion International. There is a team going that you can read about here.

The two I read everyday are Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer and Sophie at Boo Mama. I read these blogs regularly.

I ask that you say a prayer for this team this week. They will travel from Sunday, February 10 to February 18th. I do not know any of them personally ~ but they are faithful enough to leave their comfortable homes and families and travel to Uganda. They are my brothers and sisters in Christ ~ and I'm proud of them.

I pray regularly for missionaries ~ and I know there are lots of wonderful people that answer the call of mission work and live/work in dangerous, volatile, war torn, dirty, disease ridden areas ~ they are heroes to me.

The team, all bloggers, will tell their stories as they go. Sharing their experiences with us! I look forward to reading them all.

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Anonymous said...

We’ve been sponsoring a little girl from Ecuador for about a year now. Seeing their pix, reading their words, and hearing their stories make us so thankful we can help someone else. You rock for posting a link!